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5 reasons to join KitCat today

1. Boost your community

Not much going on in your community? Realised you don't know

the people that surround you everyday? KitCat is here to bring that sense of community once more! To allow young people and their families the means to start communicating again and the opportunity to meet new people. After spending so much time cooped up inside, it's about time we all got out there and started having fun together again! Weekly classes, Monthly workshops, live shows and so much more will be a fun, engaging experience for all, allowing the community to band together, watch shows, create theatre, learn new skills and boost the community spirit.

2. Try something new

Have you always had an interest in the arts but just never been sure where to start? Maybe you have always had an interest, but your just not sure if it's a real career choice or just a hobby? Want to find out without committing yourself to large fees and years of study? Our classes and workshops are designed to give you a taste for all the different theatre departments without the pressure or commitment of making it a full time career choice. Here at KitCat we strongly believe that in order to find a career that you truly love, we must allow ourselves to be open to new experiences, and try lots of outlets and avenues before we can really find that special passion in doing what we love for as long as we can. Don't be scared to try something new as it might just lead you down the path to the career you were always meant to do.

3. Equal opportunities

Are you fed up of those costly drama school fees that in the end only lead to seeing your child appear in the minor roles time after time? If you've been interested in the arts for a while you will know how competitive and often very tough the arts industry can be for young people. We at KitCat believe that every child no matter their background should be given the opportunity to be the star of the show, the main event! We see time and time again the same 5 outgoing, loud kids getting the main roles in every show and it doesn't sit right with us. Just because a skill or a way of being doesn't come naturally to you doesn't mean that you should feel less than or that you have already been written out. Sometimes it takes patience, understanding and bit of hard work to really pull the best out of someone and we at KitCat are here to do just that. Every show, every opportunity we look at the young people with a fresh pair of eyes, every time, and always make sure their are equal opportunities for everyone to be considered for every part and every role.

4. Fully Inclusive

We at KitCat offer opportunities for all which also includes those who need some extra assistance, time and attention. Very shortly KitCat will be looking to introduce weekly classes for those with special needs and disabilities. Kirstyn our Founder and Artistic Director spent her time working through the pandemic as a support worker, she worked with a number of very special people who she knew would thrive if given the opportunity to be creative. This inspired her to make sure absolutely everyone could get the chance to explore their creative sides in a supportive, friendly environment. Kirstyn also got the opportunity to tour several pantomime's over several years, in and out of SEN schools, and always found putting on performances to these young people really did something amazing to them, they came alive and appreciated the shows so much. They were able to lose themselves in stories they were told and put their heart and souls into loving the characters they saw. Kirstyn found that the time she spent working with and entertaining these young people made her feel like what she was doing really mattered, and that she was able to make a positive impact on their lives.

5. It's a whole lot of fun

The reason why we love being creative so much and why we just cant shut up about it, is because it is an absolute hoot! Is there anything more enjoyable than working with others, using your imagination and watching your ideas come to life before your eyes? The feeling of knowing you worked hard on something and can not only enjoy showing others what you have accomplished, but also enjoyed the full process and everything it took to get to the end result is such a special feeling, a feeling we think everyone should get to experience. We want everyone that chooses to be a part of KitCat to gain skills and confidence, feel comfortable and valued and most importantly have tremendous amounts of fun!

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